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Why are you called Phoenix?
Past Master Councilors
199?-1997 Christopher Fournier           1996-1997 Tor Bendiksen*                1997-1998 Leonard Demoranville*
1998-1999 Demetrious Harrington        1999-2000 Hans Bendiksen              2000-2001 Zechariah Anderson
2001-2002 Brandon Joseph                  Fall 2002 Joseph Coffin*,+                      Spring 2003 Tony Furtado
Fall 2003 Ian Mackler                            Spring 2004 Michael W.F. Marcus    Fall 2004 Douglas Demoranville              2005 Edward Assaf                               2006 Edward Assaf
* Holder of the Degree of Chevalier
+ State Master Councilor
Our History The mythical Phoenix dies, and rises from its own ashes.  The same is true for our chapter.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s chapters in Fall River, New Bedford,  & Wareham suffered and went “dark”.  Out of these ashes, and because of the wisdom of area Masons, Phoenix chapter rose to serve the areas formerly served by those chapters.  Phoenix  is still striving to achieve its potential greatness.